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Internet petitions demanding speakers’ invitations be withdrawn have become more and more common, and realising that by simply being upfront about their motives for wanting to disallow their target a platform will unmask them for the intolerant, authoritarian drones they are, campaigners have learned to up the stakes, claiming that the presence of speakers they don’t like “threatens the safety of attendees”, when the true reason is that they are banning any speakers with right-wing or even libertarian sympathies., Baldwin would be appearing in his capacity as a cast member.Albert Santos, the petition’s architect, who since the announcement Baldwin would still be appearing at Supanova has announced his commitment to “fight to the end”, quite clearly articulated that Baldwin’s political stance was the problem. He loved a Grey Goose crantini and spilled one on my white jeans in the heat of telling a story, and then just said, ‘Girl, those were ugly pants anyway.’ I adored him. Ply7Tmg E — Joss Whedon (@joss) November 26, 2016 Jewel Staite posted a picture of herself on set with Glass. Just believe it.'” This is me acting like an idiot just so I could hear Ron Glass laugh. His laugh was beyond infectious and his generosity was ever present.

The whole “Firefly” gang took to social media on Saturday to share memories and pay tribute to the late actor Ron Glass, who died earlier that day at 71.

Glass played the mysterious Shepherd Book in the beloved show starting in 2002, and also reprised his role in the 2005 film “Serenity.” “He got there with grace, humor & enormous heart.

Everyone who knows me privately knows that certain people will go to any lengths to embarrass me and to disrupt my relationship with my daughter."In 2012, Ireland talked to about the incident."I've always had a really great relationship with my dad," she said.

"The only problem with that voicemail was that people made it out to be a way bigger deal than it was.