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The lives of Rebecca, Jack and their three offspring - Kevin, Kate and Randall - are presented at different points in time.The Rebecca and Jack stories generally take place during the early stage of their marriage, surrounding the birth of the three children, or at different phases of the children's upbringing, which was not always smooth sailing for any of the five.Ken Olin (Executive Producer) and Timothy Busfield (Director - S1, Ep11) worked together on the late 80s hit series "Thirtysomething". The Sixth Sense and Fight club got me and that's why I love them. The dual time lines and great characters is enough for me.

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These stories may demonstrate the emotional ties that exist not only because of being family, but also ... Michael Binetti - UBS Securities LLC Robert Drbul - Guggenheim Securities LLC Jonathan R. Fourth Quarter Earnings Webcast and Conference Call. Analysts Omar Saad - Evercore Group LLC Camilo Lyon - Canaccord Genuity, Inc. (Broker) Matthew Mc Clintock - Barclays Capital, Inc. Ohmes - Bank of America Merrill Lynch Operator Good day, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the Under Armour, Inc.See more » SPOILER ALERTFirst I am a hard person to fool. When the fireman lit the cigarette I realized it was 1980. Well they can't do that every episode because if you are looking for twists you find them. They even nailed it by casting Simon and Simon vet Gerald Mc Raney. But I still didn't get that those three would be raised together until the nursery with the knit onesies. If I was told there was a twist at the end, I would have figured it out (everyone's birthday on the same day, etc). Have stories play out with flashbacks to tell a larger story (ala Lost).