Chan4chan family dating the ex husband

Chin-chan, also known as lack-of-chin chan, Droopy-chan, or Chinny, is an extremely unattractive girl with severe micrognathia whose pictures were posted on 7chan and later 4chan.Most of Chin-chan's problems probably could have been solved by a simple chin augmentation and dying her eyebrows a natural color.Chan Resort is a resort for naturists -both local and international. The sense of freedom that comes from relaxing by the pool without a swimsuit is one of the main reasons why people come visit us and love it so much.We were the first resort in Thailand to happily provide a special place for naturists, and still proudly do so. The sun relaxes the body deeply all during the day and soon the mind relaxes too and the spirit follow.

Who cares about deep-throating when you can get free ice cream in her cheeks? Her lack of chin was considered very exotic down there and millions of fans rushed to Facebook and created over 9000 useless groups. Filled with the worst emo poems ever conceived on this planet.

For other uses, see Christian Weston Chandler (disambiguation).

For the "Sonichu" character, see Christian Weston Chandler (comic character).

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